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About Avenue Landscapes Ltd

A note from Steve Moore 

"I don't work for a living, because it is said that it is only work if you would rather be doing something else. For over 35 years I have been one of the fortunate few who are able to make a living by carrying out their passion and hobby for other people.

Most people, if they have a painter or carpenter or other trades person in to do some work, can tell very quickly if they are doing a good job. Landscaping is slightly different. Although there have been many landscapers around for many years, it used to be only the wealthy that could afford to have it done. Over the last decade however, it has become one of the fastest growing industries in the country, and due to the attention the media has given it, more and more people are having their properties landscaped.

Landscaping requires the contractor to be able to talk to the client to fully understand their needs and requirements, and to interpret those ideas onto the ground - as a painter would a landscape onto a canvas. The problem is that while more people are having landscaping done, not many people know what standard should be expected of the finished job.

For a lot of people, having their garden landscaped is their first foray into the world of gardening. Have they been given the correct advice? Has the job been carried out properly? Most people may not find out until months later when things start falling apart.

Avenue Landscapes Ltd. is committed to first class service whether you have a few square yards or a few acres.

"We are big enough to cope but small enough to care!"